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Our special promotions are:

Frequent Flavoring Plan

With this plan the customer agrees to an automatic weekly, biweekly or monthly purchase of a fixed amount of Dulci Berries or any of the other Dulci presentations like Dulci Gum, Dulci Lolly Pop, Dulci Trits, Dulci Trickers. Take advantage of the freebies. Many options are available. Save from 23% to 50% off of from our regular prices. Select the shipping frequency for weekly, biweekly or monthly; just click your preference when ordering the plan.

You can change the Dulci Product at any time by sending us an email. You can cancel the plan after three months by sending us an email.

First Time Buyer

For first time buyers the minimum order is ONLY 5 Dulci Berries or any other Dulci presentation.  A great way of trying our products. Shipping & handling charges will apply. The customer can order more than the minimum if desired.


First Time Buyer of Dulci Seasonings:

For first time buyers of Dulci Seasonings the minimum order is ONLY two (2) units instead of 4. Shipping & Handling charges will apply. We recommend buying Dulci Berries with the Dulci Seasonings to take full advantage of them. Buy at least the same amount of Dulci Berries or any other Dulci Presentation as the total amount of servings ordered. Most Dulci Seasonings contain 4 servings. For example, if you buy two Dulci Seasonings, each with 4 servings, buy at least 8 Dulci Berries or any other Dulci Presentation.