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Merchandising & Selling Opportunities


Retail Market:

Now it's possible for chain stores and other retailers to handle frozen Dulci Berry Miracle FruitTM, thanks to our special packaging that allows the fruit to be kept frozen outside the freezer for up to an hour without affecting its quality. This will allow shoppers to purchase the product and take it to its final destination. Dulci Berry has to be treated like any other frozen product.

The individual units come 24 per master and 72 masters per pallet (1,728 individual selling units/pallet). Orders less than a pallet are accepted.

The individual units come in 15 or 30 berries. Each master box can only contain one of the two presentations. Mixed pallets are accepted.

These are additional presentations to the Dulci Berry Miracle FruitTM:


Dulci Gum Dulci Trickers Dulci Trits Dulci Lolly Pops


Dulci Gum -
  with Dulci Berry
Dulci Trickers -
The dehydrated berry.
Dulci Trits -
  The berry in powder form
Dulci Lolly Pops -
with Dulci Berry.

They don't need to be frozen and can be use on-the-go. For best quality we recommend to keep them refrigerated.

They come in zip-lock aluminum foil bags.

Quantities per bag vary depending on customer preferences.

Go to Products for more information.

The MSRP's are at least 20% below our online prices.

Interested Parties, please contact us at: (800) 738 – 4613 or email us at:


Any body with a website that wants to sell our products is welcome. You either can buy inventory by becoming a distributor or use drop-shipping. To learn more about distributorship go to Become a Dulci Berry Distributor or Become a Dulci Seasoning Distributor. E-commerce businesses interested in selling our products online please fill out the following information:

Company Name:
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School Cafeterias:

The research suggests that efforts to provide healthier choices on school lunch menus still have a long way to go, says Elizabeth Jackson, MD, MPH, assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor.

"The school environment is an excellent opportunity we should not be missing to teach kids to make healthy choices, both in terms of food and exercise” she tells WebMD.

That's particularly important in middle school, as that's when children start to become more independent, Jackson says. The choices they make then will shape their eating and exercise habits as they get older, she says.

More than one in three middle school students who regularly eat school lunches are obese or overweight. They're also more likely to have high LDL "bad" cholesterol levels than kids who bring lunch from home.

While there are many factors that contribute to children being overweight, the big kahuna of the child obesity debate is our National School Lunch Program. Each day, approximately 10 percent of the American population participates in the National School Lunch Program, eating at least one meal that was entirely governed by federal policies. For some kids, school meals (breakfast and lunch) contribute over half of their calories for the day. The day-to-day decisions are in the hands of individual school districts and schools, but the parameters that govern the program and determine what can and can't be served are decided at a federal level. The USDA sets nutrition standards for school meals and even provides about one-fifth of the food served in school cafeterias. Congress determines the amount spent on each meal and oversees the USDA's administration of the program.

As it happens, Michelle Obama announced Let's Move at an extremely opportune time to influence the school lunch program, because the entire program is up for re-authorization in Congress this year. Furthermore, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently proposed new federal nutrition standards for school lunches and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack recently announced his intent to implement them.

Several aspects of the school lunch program require examination and (hopefully) reform. The Obama administration should be commended for aiming to adopt the IOM's recommendations, which would increase the amount of fruits and vegetables served to students and specify that dark green and bright orange vegetables as well as legumes are served during the course of each week. (Under the current standards, fruits and vegetables are interchangeable.) The new standards also call for an increase in whole grains served and it sets a maximum amount of calories per lunch. (Current standards only specify a minimum number of calories.)

We're willing to see how we can introduce our healthy and tasty food choices into the school programs. Our chefs can help integrate school programs with ours to make it as easy and convenient as possible.

Why not try our Dulci Frozen Yogurts made with fresh vegetables and fruits with no fat and no sugar or sugar substitutes added. This is an ideal way of having the children eat their daily requirements of fruits & vegetables.

Our goal is to offer healthy alternatives with great taste. Dulci Berry will facilitate this monumental task.

School cafeteria contractors are welcome to explore what we have to offer to help them comply with the school district or individual schools requirements. We guarantee that your job will be simplified.

Many of our Dulci Recipes and Dulci Seasonings may be applicable to your program.

We're willing to discuss any possible alternatives. Please contact us at: or call us at: (800) 738-4613


Research recently released by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) shows that Americans are looking for healthier options and "greener" restaurants as well as value and convenience when they eat out.

Among the hottest trends will be healthy kids' meals. According to the NRA research, of 210 culinary items on the NRA "What's Hot" survey of more than 1,600 American Culinary Federation member chefs, nutritionally balanced childrens' dishes came in as No. 4, and fruits/vegetable side dishes for kids ranked sixth. Fast food operators named healthy options for kids' meals as the No. 1 food trend in their segment of the industry for 2009.
Underscoring the importance of healthful foods, produce and fruit items, smaller dishes, fish and gluten-free/allergy conscious meals were among the top 20 items on the annual chef survey. According to NRA consumer research:

  • Three in four adults say they are trying to eat healthier now at restaurants than they did two years ago.
  • Nearly three in 10 adults, about 27 percent, have gone on line to search for nutritional information about restaurant food.

The restaurants that survive during the economic slump will be those who react quickly to the demands being made by Americans for healthier, nutritious meals at prices they can afford.

Dulci Berry Miracle FruitTM can become a great and unique allied to please this growing trend of consumers. We offer many options, let us list some of them:

  • Coffee sweetener (only 3 calories – no need for sugar or sugar substitutes).
  • Many salad dressings – very low in calories and saturated fats, but with great taste.
  • Healthy and very tasty kids menu.
  • Ice tea with Dulci Tea Sweetener.
  • Fruits & Vegetable frozen yogurt with no fat, no sugar or sugar substitutes added.
  • Desserts with no sugar or sugar substitutes added.
  • Many main dishes, low in calories but with great taste
  • No need for a new menu, just make some adjustments to it.

Have some questions, give us a call.

We understand every situation is different but we can work with your ideas, dishes, and concepts to make this a very healthy and tasty experience for your guests.

We can design proprietary dishes for your restaurant or work with the ones you have to make them Dulci Berry friendly.

Why not sell Dulci Products to your guests, most likely they will ask were can they buy Dulci products, the good news is that you can sell them in the restaurant.

Contact us at: or call us at: (800) 738-4613

Party Organizers:

Dulci Berry provides the perfect setting for converting any social event into a unique and interesting one.

It can also be use to attract more audience to the event because of its awesomeness and unusual experience. Create a unique tasting buffet with some wonderful foods & drinks and have people try them before and after having a Dulci Berry. This will be an event within the event!

Dulci Berry is perfect for birthdays, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, romantic evenings, Thanksgiving Day, etc.

Dulci Berry goes hand by hand with many cocktails; this is another way of fascinating the guests with something new and awesome.

To read more go to Entertainment.

Contact us to discuss your specific ideas or needs at: or call us at: (800) 738-4613

Cruise Ships:

Food is never in short supply when vacationing in a cruise ship. What better can it be if new, healthy, low calorie, low fat, sugar free foods are offered with great taste thanks to Dulci Berry?

Have your guest enjoy a night they will never forget with a wonderful Dulci Berry buffet in which a chef can explain the audience what they are going to experience; have the guests try the food and drinks before and after Dulci Berry.

This can become a new source of income by setting up an on board drop shipment order processing in which the customer receives the order upon returning back home.

Use your company website to promote the products and keep making money.

A great promotional tool: come and experience the new way of eating, have a Dulci Experience with us! Come and try Dulci Berry!

We can organize a demonstration event with our chefs to properly illustrate our products.

Please contact us at:

Call us at: (800) 738-4613