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Flavor Enhancement - Especially Children


Children obesity and the overweight epidemic in this country are astonishing to say the least. We should be proud of our first lady Michelle Obama who is trying to make a difference. We're helping her with our drop in the bucket.

Between fast foods, our limited time for cooking healthy foods, un-healthy school meals, unhealthy processed foods, and much more makes our task as parents very difficult and challenging. Making children eat more fruits and vegetables is not easy and taste definitely contributes to such calamity. Browse under "Flavor Enhancement-Especially Children " to learn about our many fantastic options.

Our contribution to parents is to provide healthy, simple, quick, tasty, and practical options. What are the options? Dulci Berry, Dulci Recipes with Dulci Seasonings- We call this The Dulci Experience! They are all easy and fast to prepare; with great taste and fun to eat.

Our alternative is unique, awesome, and fun. Kids will love it and will be asking for more.

Before each meal make the children have a Dulci Lolly Pop as a treat; then select a well balanced Dulci Meal from our  Food Menu and see their reaction. Browse also under Food Enhancement-Especially Children . You can always substitute the Dulci Lolly Pop for any other Dulci presentation. Browse under Products to learn more.

If you want to send a healthy and tasty lunch to school, select from the recipe options available from our Food Menu and don't forget to include the Dulci Lolly Pop. Be sure they have the Dulci Lolly Pop before the meal and NOT after.

Wait and see the reaction from their friends when they show the Dulci Lolly Pop and explain what this treat does to their food.

We recommend having the Dulci Lolly Pops in the refrigerator at home, once on-the-go they can be without refrigeration.

Dulci Trits, Dulci Gum , Dulci Trickers and DulciBerry are other presentations in addition to the Dulci Lolly Pop. Click "Products" to learn more.

Check under "Buy Dulci Berry" or "Buy Dulci Seasonings " for available presentations.

We like to hear from our customers, send us your comments, suggestions, and experiences at:

Nothing makes us happier and keeps us working hard than to hear our options are helping people eat and feel healthier.