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Chemotherapy Patients

When undergoing chemotherapy it becomes more of a chore and less of a treat to eat properly. Weight loss and malnourishment are often common.

Taste ability gets greatly jeopardize and many foods become intolerable to eat. A metallic taste is common. Therefore, one has to come up with creative ideas to overcome the problem.

The Medical College of Virginia and the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System have concluded that Chemosensory dysfunction is closely linked to diminished oral intake in the cancer population. Given the association between poor nutrition and poor patient outcome, strategies for improving nutritional status could be of critical importance.

Addressing chemosensory dysfunction in a more systematic fashion has significant potential for improving patient quality of life.

Dr Cusnir from Mount Sinai Medical Hospital said.

"If patients become malnourished, they lose their resistance and their organs can suffer."

His recent work:

"Treatment of taste alterations in chemotherapy patients using the "miracle fruit": Preliminary analysis of a pilot study";

published in the 2010 American Society of Clinical Oncology, concluded that "Miracle Fruit is safe for use in patients undergoing chemotherapy. In our preliminary analysis, the response to the MF fruit appears encouraging".

Our company is constantly looking for healthy recipes and foods that when taken with Dulci Berry Miracle FruitTM the bad tasting effect gets diminished or masked; making them more palatable and pleasant to eat.

To accomplish such a monumental task, we have use many of Jose Van Mil recipes published in his book "Healthy Eating During Chemo".

Also "What To Eat During Cancer Treatment: 100 Great-Tasting, Family-Friendly Recipes to Help You Cope" by Jeanne Besser,

And "The Chemotherapy Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Get Through Treatment" by Judith McKay.

These three publications have been used as our starting point.

>Browse our Dulci Recipes under Chemotherapy Patients to learn more. We're sure they will become great allies in the fight against cancer. Many people are using them with great results.


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