Check the many ways you can make money with Dulci Berry Miracle FruitTM and Dulci Seasonings.

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Become a Dulci Berry Distributor

Becoming a Dulci Berry distributor is simple: you just have to buy some inventory and you'll be on your way to generate some income.

Here's how the program works:

  1. You place an order for a minimum of 200 Dulci Berries or 200 units of any of the other presentations (Dulci Trickers, Dulci Gum, Dulci Lolly Pops, or Dulci Trits). You can also order any combination of them.
  2. The purchase prices are:
    Product Unit Price Price for 200 units
    Dulci Berry $1.99 each $398.00 + S&H
    Dulci Trickers $1.99 each $398.00 + S&H
    Dulci Gum $1.99 each $398.00 + S&H
    Dulci Lolly Pops $1.99 each $398.00 + S&H
    Dulci Trits $1.99 per serving $398.00 + S&H
  3. We'll double your order absolutely free. If you buy 200 units, well send you 400 for the same price. If you buy 300 units, we'll send you 600 units.
  4. If you order 300 units or more of any of the presentations; the shipping is free in the low 48 States!
  5. We will list your Company name, telephone number, address, directions, website URL, etc. on our web site at no extra cost. Check our Distributor List and their locations. Be sure we don't have one already close to you.
  6. We'll direct customers from your county to your store.
  7. The frozen Dulci Berry is sent bulk but we'll provide the individual packaging to permit the retail of the product. This packaging allows your customer to take the frozen Dulci Berries home without thawing out. With this packaging you don't have to worry about handling dry ice. You'll receive a packaging kit with your first order. Additional supplies can be ordered at any time with each purchase of Dulci Berries. Be sure to tell your customer to take the product directly to a freezer, this is like buying ice cream or meat, once you buy it, you have to take it to the freezer.
  8. The other presentations don't need special packaging. The packaging in which the product is sent can be used for retail, no re-packaging is necessary. The re-packaging is only necessary with the frozen Dulci Berry.

The profitability in this business is easy to calculate; if you buy 300 Dulci Berries for $597.00 your net profit will be $597.00 if you sell the product at the same price we sell it in our website ($1.99 each). The advantage is that your customer doesn't have to pay for shipping & handling. This is a win, win, win situation!

Want to become more aggressive; reduce the selling price and spread the word!

You don't need to invest in any special equipment; just your home refrigerator and freezer will do the job.

Once you sign up to become a Distributor and have been approved you start benefiting from our promotions, discounts, and freebies offered only to Distributors.